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Weekly Advent Calendar

You're invited! Join us in focusing on giving for the next 5 weeks. Yes, Advent is a four week season, so we added a bonus week to finish out the month of December.

We will be doing these activities as a family with many conversations surrounding the joy in giving. The energy surrounding Christmas is magical! Our home is focused on spreading that magic through giving with these fun, manageable acts we can do together.

To begin, we will be heading to the grocery store. Sure, we could shop our pantry, but I'm excited to have Kade fill his cart. Our local grocery store has the kid size carts and we plan to let Kade choose the items to fill his cart and then donate to our local food pantry. Our family discussion this week will be centered around caring for others, keeping our eyes open to see who could use a helping hand, and always being willing to share, even when it feels like we don't have enough.

The smallest acts can have the biggest impacts. Spreading joy and love feels good for all involved. Holidays can be hard for many. Simply reaching out to someone that may be grieving this season could be a light in the darkness. I plan to pray that my heart and eyes be open to the needs of those around me this week!

Cheer is a feeling beyond words. Our ability to spread cheer with thoughtfulness is infinite! Who do we know this week that might be lonely? Who won't have anyone to celebrate with this season? We will be coloring pictures to send to the nursing home and writing a few cards to people we know will be spending more time alone than with others.

The intention of this week is to see someone that is often overlooked. Perhaps there is a neighbor who isn't able to get out much, a friend that is only invited when she makes the plans, or a person that is always pouring into others. This week is about giving to those wouldn't be on the top of everyone else's list.

There is a story about a teacher who asked her students to request who they would like to sit next to the following week. She read the submissions in an effort to see who wasn't making the list. Who was getting overlooked? Who wasn't getting chosen or included?

Those are the people we are looking for this week. Those are the people we are giving to this week.

Bonus week! Advent is officially over, but the ability to continue giving in the holiday spirit is still with us. Your story is special. Your family's story is special! This week we are honoring our history and sharing these stories. We are sharing family traditions with their roots.

Our family will be playing Hokey Pokey on New Year's Eve, like we have done for generations. We hope you'll join us!

The spirit of Christmas, to me, is in the giving. It's in the sharing and spreading of joy. People seem to have such tender, thoughtful hearts during this time. Cheers to spreading the magic of giving, together.

If you would like to record your Hokey Pokey picks in the Ag Memory book along with us, you can find it here.

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