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This is Us - A Collection of Memories; Ag Memory Book Now Available

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Our family has thousands of pictures spread through multiple computers, totes, folders, and albums.

Our handprints are scattered in the cement around the farm alongside the year.

A walk with the previous generations almost always includes a story of what used to be here or why that was changed over there.

So how do we preserve the rich history? How do we pass on our farm and family's story to the next generation? Moving forward, how do we document our farm & families' story?

The pictures leave out the thoughts behind the decisions. They don't always capture the emotion that was behind the camera at the time.

Sure, we know what year we added or improved infrastructure, but do we know why? Do we know how we were able to make that happen?

The legacy is in the details.

The specialness of the story lies in the thoughts behind the decisions.

The emotional ride the best year we've ever had needs a place to be documented right next to the year that almost toppled everything.

Your story is special and it deserves to be shared. Whether you share it with thousands on the internet, your neighbor, a new friend at the grocery store, the next generation or anyone in between; your story is worth preserving.

Join us documenting the details, the emotion, and the thoughts behind the decisions.

Ag Memory books now available to purchase here:

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