Meet Natalie - Chief Executive Assistant

It takes a team, and this is a good one.

Meet Natalie!

I need help. I want to do more than I am physically able to do on my own, so I need help. At this point in my life, it works best for our family to raise our kids with the family village and get help in other ways, like Natalie.

The amount of time it takes behind the scenes to pull projects together like blog posts, emails, the Memory Journal, among others, is extensive. Natalie is the Chief of Operations. She executes what needs to be accomplished and has incredible ideas that we get to bring to life together.

I feel it deep in my soul to be extraordinarily open about the team roster, for a few reasons. Mainly, because doing absolutely everything on my own isn't possible. I've seen other women who appear to do it all on their own and that is wildly defeating to feel like I cannot keep up. Second, I really value the contribution that the team brings. I want them to be seen. So with that, I would like to hand this over to Natalie to share a few snippets of her life!

Hi I'm Natalie 👋🏻

It is an honor to be here!

As Chelsey's Senior Support Specialist // Executive Assistant I am (virtually) her right hand woman. My position allows Chelsey to hand off ANY task needing to be done so she can continue to be free to do what she does best - be a present and diligent farmer, mama, and entrepreneur.

I wear many hats. And honestly, I like the feel and style of each one.

I am an Editor, a Graphic Designer, an Analytic Interpreter, a Marketer, a Strategist, a Task Coordinator, a Videographer, a Creator, an Author, a Partner. And that only covers where we've been so far. I'm constantly learning and evolving as we go. If there is a task at hand that needs to be figured out, I'm the one to get it done.

One of my favorite roles is being able to be Chelsey's sounding board. I love to hear the visions and ideas that are laid on her heart. The passion and intention surrounding her and her plans are contagious. The incredible part of this team is that my perspective and opinion is welcomed and often warranted.

My husband and I often discuss how difficult it is to explain to people what I do for a living when they ask. Even after describing, they are still left with a puzzled look on their face.

I am able to work from home while raising a family. What an incredible era we are living in where I have the ability to watch my daughter grow while also having an outlet that fulfills my desire to create and provides income for our family.

I was able to leave an 8-5 office job to devote my days to building an online career as a virtual assistant.

It was a risk.

This way of life, way of earning and creating, continues to prove itself worth it. I am able to be home, be flexible, and be invested in my family - all while being able to have a creative and professional outlet that helps provide for our family.

I had the opportunity to say yes to what I would have once considered, on paper, my "dream job” this last year. But I had peace in saying "not now," because I knew that I would never regret putting my family first in this season of my life. I was able to say "not now" because what I have going right now is checking all the boxes for both me and my family.

I get to work, doing something I absolutely love, while simultaneously caring for my home and family. I get this time with Ella, sweet, priceless time with her cherishing the specialness of the mundane days.

I praise the Lord for this virtual age so I do not have to feel torn between raising my child(ren) and having a career that I love.

Now that you, hopefully, understand what I do, here is a little bit about who I am.

Fast Facts

I grew up in the same small town as Chelsey did.

I still live in rural North Dakota and couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

My husband, Bret, and I are high school sweethearts and have been together almost ten years!

He works as a Pharmacist.

This last March our family expanded as we welcomed our daughter, Ella, into the world.

We are convinced our pup, Henry, is half human.

I went to NDSU for what they used to consider "Home Economics." It's now called Family and Consumer Science Education.

I'm passionate about teaching; I love creating authentic learning experiences.

I love Jesus and you can often find me listening to worship music.

Meaningful conversations fill my soul.

I am an entrepreneur.

I am inspired by Joanna Gaines, but honestly, who isn't?

Nothing humbles me more than star gazing.

I love baking. Unfortunately, I fail more than I succeed. Nevertheless, I continue because my Grandma once owned a bakery and there is something special about being able to do what she once did.

I'm a solid Enneagram 9.

I'm sentimental. I love writing things down, thinking about someday when my kids find it and read it for themselves. I love learning about my family history and the generations that have lived before me.

Crazy thing, Chelsey and my family's tree align about two generations back.

I enjoy reading nonfiction.

I am an aspiring, novice photographer.

I love working and dreaming alongside Chelsey.

I love being able to contribute to this team.

However you found your way here, I hope you'll stay. There are so many exciting things to come.

I want to leave you with this: the internet is full of possibilities. The world is full of possibilities outside the traditional model of go to school, get a job, work until you retire. If you are feeling stuck at your current job or held hostage to the possibility that you could lose your job then struggle to find another one; know this, entrepreneurship is an opportunity for you.

Sure it comes with a different set of risks, but it also comes with the ability to make your own rules.

If you have more questions about how I'm making this work, send me a message!


Instagram: @natalie.kate.carlson