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Maternity Roundup: Nordstrom Sale 2022

Maternity Leggings: This is the first time I've seen these! Love the regular, so figured the maternity is worth a try. Free shipping and easy, free returns!

Leggings: My favorite pair, ever. They are thick and great for fall, winter, and spring. The first pair I ever ordered is now at least 5 years old with no holes, stretching, or fading. They are incredible! I usually wear a small and added a medium to the rotation for pregnancy.

Faux Leather Leggings: These are the perfect pair to an oversized sweater! Love how they take the outfit up a notch, plus they really suck me in nicely. Perfect for all the time, not simply postpartum!

Underwear: Trying these for postpartum. Love the thought of going with a Depends style option for comfort, but not the thought of changing that out in the field.

Pajamas: This fabric washes so nicely, buttons are great for the early breastfeeding days, and having a matching set helped me feel more put together when everything else in life was out of control. It's the little wins!

Lace Bralette: While birthing, I wore this bralette under the hospital gown. It gave great access for nursing after birth and a little "feel good" in an otherwise unglamourous setting. These also worked great for nursing in the later months when extra support wasn't as necessary.

Convertible Car Seat: Cannot say enough good about this option. Before Kade made the move to a convertible seat I spent a whole corn harvest season in the cart listening to videos, doing research, determining the best seat for us.

  1. No rethread harness. One hand and one click adjust the size of the seat. Meaning, in a pinch, it is SUPER quick to swap kids in seats if needed.

  2. High weight and height limits to keep kids rear-facing longer.

  3. Tensioning door to lock seat belt down tightly. Installation is quick, easy, and tight. Moving the seats between vehicles is as breezy as it can be. Which for us is great - we invested in one set of seats because it works for our lifestyle.

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