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Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Chelsey--I'm still navigating losing my identity when I married and replaced my maiden name then continued to work on my family's place, so we'll leave my name at Chelsey.

On the daily, I'm raising crops, cows, & kids alongside my family on a multi-generational operation. At the farm you'll find my grandparents, parents, one brother, two kids, occasionally a husband, a couple employees and myself working with our commercial black Angus cow herd, managing the feedlot, growing corn, soybeans, pinto beans, and seed oats, plus my parents have a feed mill and feed dealership at the farm. My husband, Kyle owns and operates a fencing supply company where he sources, stages, and ships well pipe plus sucker rod from the oil field. When I'm not at the farm, you'll find me bundling rods with him.


I love curating the best gifts, finding the perfect outfit and sharing my story as a woman working in modern day agriculture. I didn't want to choose between being a stay-at-home mom who could soak up time with her kids and a working mom who could pursue her passions, so I'm finding a way to do both.

My hope is that you feel empowered here. Empowered to do exactly what fulfills you. There is absolutely a way to figure out how to do life on your terms and we are going to figure it out together.

I'm also here to share how special agriculture is. What a gift it is to live amongst daily miracles. Each person that eats today, uses medication, wears clothing, along with using a list of other items has a vested interest in agriculture. Food comes from families, families like mine -- I can't wait for you to get to know us!


Thanks for being here, it means more than you know. 

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